A Better Way to Reach College Renters

Advertising your college properties every year used to be time consuming and an overall painful experience. Not anymore. RentCollegePads was built with you in mind. We solve the huge problem college landlords face because of their quick turnover rate. Try us for free. We promise you won’t be disappointed. Let us connect you to the modern college renter.

List With Us

Posting more than 5 properties? Contact us.

3 reasons to list with us

Build beautiful ads quickly and easily, then never again..

Once you create an ad with us, simply have it go live or deactivate it until you need it to go live again next year.

Get quality leads and easily manage them with our easy to use tools.

When you get leads from us you will know due to our lead tracking. Unlike sites like craigslist, leads from us are serious. Also use our open house feature to let more students see your place and lease it out quick!

Let us handle the pain of advertising, we want to be the one-stop shop..

When you post on our site we will drive traffic to your ad by advertising everywhere from on-/off-campus to reaching everywhere on the web. Don’t worry about complicated search engine optimization--we’ve got that covered.

How does listing work?

Create an account and list all your properties. Then comes the easy part: wait and quickly get potential renters contacting you.

How much do I pay for this service?

If you check out our Pricing Tab under List With Us it is all written out for you in an easy manner. If you are posting more than 5 properties, call, and we will give you a volume discount. There are no hidden fees or costs. It’s all up to you--the amount you want to pay and periods of time you wish to list with us.

How do I pay?

Online payment preferred, invoices, checks, whatever is most convenient for you.

Why would I pay more for a featured listing?

Who doesn’t enjoy first class treatment? With this feature your properties will be sorted out from the rest and come up before others. You will have a better icon for all of your listings that will help them get noticed and have more appeal, as well as having them show up first in list view and get a yard sign to market from the street. Not to mention this will bring 5x more traffic to your ads.